Top 10 Essential Forex Live Charts and Forex Info Websites

Forex Live Charts

If you are actively working or planning to work with forex, you need to follow some websites that includes Forex Live Charts. Although at we will provide you with most of the answers to your questions, you also need to follow recent news and analysis reports too. So, we gathered a list of websites you can follow for these kinds of needs. Take a look at the list below;

Taking part in the Forex market and making money from it is a work that can be done online on the internet. You can find the market information you need during this business on the internet as well. In this regard, we gathered here the top websites that can help you. However, as your knowledge of the forex market grows, you can also expand your field of view by exploring other websites.

Forex Live Charts Websites

Keep in mind that, this list is not in any particular order, meaning that we don’t say that any of them is better than others. So, check all Forex Live Charts Websites and decide which one is best for you. Let’s get into the list.


As you can guess from its name, DailyFX is a daily news website for forex brokers. If you need the live news and analysis on forex, DailyFX might be the website you are looking for. The web site offers a calendar of major news and free forex charts. Also, there is a rich forum tied to the main website, which you can use to trade information with other brokers.

Check DailyFX at:

Forex Factory

Forex Factory is another good source to check the most recent news on the forex world. They have a live news system that you can follow during your trading sessions and plan your strategy, according to Forex Live Charts. They use colors to distinguish how important each update is. They have a forum that you can connect with other traders too.

Check Forex Factory at:


If you are doing forex seriously, you need to follow exchange rates continuously because they keep changing all the time. RatesFX serves as a Forex Live Charts tool to do exactly that. RatesFX is a website that you can see exchange rates changes, cross rates, performances for all currencies. They even offer an alarm system that you get a notification on your phone when an exchange rate reaches the value you want.

Check RatesFX at:

FX Street

FX Street is another forex blog that you can many helpful tips, Forex Live Charts, and information. They have a market analysis, technical studies, trading newsletters on the website. They share articles from known experts in the area. And they are quite active with an average of 25 posts per day!

Check FX Street at:


ForexLive is another website you can follow forex news, forex live charts, and technical analysis. They are one of the fastest forex market reporters and analysts. You can find live forex and economic news, technical analysis, headlines, and live quotes on ForexLive.

Check ForexLive at:

Bloomberg Forex News

We are sure that you have heard Bloomberg before. But if you haven’t, Bloomberg is a world leader in market data and financial news brand. They are not only focused on forex, but they have a division that is dedicated to forex and currencies. They offer forex news, commentaries, forex live charts, analysis reports, and short-term predictions.

Check Bloomberg Forex Division at: is a website of an international forex company. Their coverage is deeper than many alternatives. You can find live forex news and rates on the website. They also offer trade ideas and an economic calendar. If you are also interested in it, they cover Bitcoin news as well.

Check at:


Just like most other forex websites also covers forex and currency news. However, what makes XE different is the advances search and filter functionality they have. You can search for a particular currency and access news, predictions, strategies, and basically everything you need about that currency.

Check XE at:


Basically, Investopedia has an encyclopedia-like style. Actually, it is not a Forex Live Charts Website. You can use this website to learn about a term in a pinch quickly. It is especially good for trading terminology. Some terms in forex can be really confusing. It is nice to have a source that you can check the meanings of them easily.

Check Investopedia at:

Traders Laboratory

Also, this is not a Forex Live Charts Website. Traders Laboratory is a platform that makes forex trading more like a social activity. You can call it “Social Network for Forex”. On Traders Laboratory, you can join communities, find friends, groups, and contact with other traders. It is a good platform to read and share tips with others and improve your forex experience. Traders Laboratory is a good place to find help for both new traders and veterans. You can always find somebody who can answer your questions on Traders Laboratory.

Check Traders Laboratory at:


In this article, we tried to present some “forex info” websites and “Forex Live Charts” websites. We hope that it will be useful to begin learning the forex trading for beginners. For this purpose, we recommend that you read the previous forex trading tutorial article.


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